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About Us LearnJapaneseForBeginners.com is a website teaches Japanese for the beginners and any other Japanese related topic for free. The owner of the site, Ronald has a goal to make it the #1 resource to help those who wants to learn Japanese. At the same time, we highly encourage our website visitor to contribute their own […]

The difference between さ & み ( sa & mi) suffixes to make a noun

「かわいさでは誰にも負けないわよ。」 = Kawaisa dewa darenimo makenai wayo. = Nobody can beat my “cuteness”    「このドラマ面白みに欠けるよね。」 = Kono dorama omoshiromi ni kakeru yone. = This drama lacks of interesting factor. = This drama is kind of dull.    Hi everyone! I’m Fraggle, your guest teacher for today. I applied to be a guest teacher almost a […]

NEW! How to use Vておく ( = te oku)

  「晩御飯にまたトロ、買っておいてね。」 = Bangohan ni mata toro, katte oite ne. = Buy me fatty tuna for dinner again for me.  「もう、これ以上、遊ばせておかないからね。勉強するよ!」 = Mou, kore ijou, asobasete okanai karane. Benkyou suruyo! = I am not going to let you play anymore. We are going to study now, OK? Hi everyone! I am Sano, the guest teacher […]

ありがとう!Thank you!!

Hi everyone! This is just a quick note. We are very sorry that our site has been down for a long time. It was badly hacked, but our great web developer fixed the site and gave it a makeover. There still seem to be more things to fix, but at least you can access it […]

How to modify a noun in Japanese

「僕と、となりにいるパンダとどっちがかわいい?」 = Boku to tonari ni iru Panda to docchi ga kawaii? = Who is cuter? Me or the Panda next to me? Hi everyone! Today’s guest teacher is my angel buddy, Sniff-Sensei from Greece. ***** Hi, I am Sniff! I volunteered to be a guest teacher here for my friend, Alexandra. I am going […]

New! Telephone Japanese

「もしもし、クッキーさんいますか?」 = Moshimoshi, Cookie san imasu ka? = Hello, Is Cookie-san there? 「はい、僕ですが…どちら様ですか?」 = Hai, boku desu ga… Dochira sama desu ka? = This is he. Who is calling please? Hello everyone. I am Cookie. 元気だった?= Genki datta?  = How have you been? In today’s lesson we’ll learn how to make a phone call in […]

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