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About Us LearnJapaneseForBeginners.com is a website teaches Japanese for the beginners and any other Japanese related topic for free. The owner of the site, Ronald has a goal to make it the #1 resource to help those who wants to learn Japanese. At the same time, we highly encourage our website visitor to contribute their own […]

How to use もう & まだ ( = mou & mada)

「あの~…もう1時間も待っているんですが…昼ご飯はまだですか? もう12時ですよ。」 = Anoo…Mou ichijikan mo matte irundesuga… hirugohan wa mada desu ka? Mou juuniji desu yo. = Excuse me…. I’ve been waiting for one hour already. Isn’t my lunch ready yet? It’s already 12 o’clock you know. Hi everyone! Hi, I am Minky. I am back again! また来ましたよ= Mata kimashita yo. Today’s lesson is
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